melihat pandangan pria terhadap wanita.

membuka sebuah situs. dan tiba-tiba membaca hal yang sedikit menggelitik.

situsnya ini :


Men are often confused by women’s behavior. They say one thing and mean another. If you stop to think about it, you may do the same thing. Dating can be awkward and speech often doesn’t tell the whole story. The best clues are found in body language. If she avoids touching you or is not comfortable when you touch her, it shows a lack of interest.

Knowing these signs will help you strategize your way to her heart, instead of losing this very rare opportunity. If you are really serious about the current girl you’re dating, here are some signs that you can look for to see if she is really into you.

The Never-ending Calls

It is not unusual for a woman who is interested in a man to contact him on the phone. If you aren’t interested in her, let her know right away. don’t be unkind, but be clear. Of course, if you are interested, it is an excellent time to set up a meeting or date.

Since she can’t stop thinking about you, she would then resort to leaving you a lot of voice messages or calling you at the time you least expect her to. There is a way to handle this situation without appearing turned off or excited yourself. If you also like her, ask her out on a second date.

If she shows up at your home or place of work, it is best to contact law enforcement authorities to let her know you will not relent.

Is She Too Interested?

Some women will make themselves constantly available to a man they like. This may be normal if it isn’t taken to extremes. If the woman you are dating is willing to change her plans at the last minute every time you call, or if she has no friends or interests outside your relationship, she may be very dependent and expect you to fulfill her every need.

Unless you are prepared to show her the same type of devotion, this is probably not a healthy relationship. Women of this type are apt to become extremely clingy and demand all of your time be spent with them.

Her Eyes Are On You

There are women who go to extreme lengths to be noticed by a particular man. If that man is you, it’s very flattering. It may be that the woman is actually interested in you. There can be other reasons for this type of behavior that are less flattering. For some women, interest in you is not the reason for their outrageous flirting.

There are women who are naturally attention-grabbing and can seem as if they want to know get to know you better, but real life they can just be a well-trained flirt. Make sure you know how to distinguish one from the other.


Mencoba menyimpulkan. Kurang lebihnya mohon mav. Salah2 mohon dibenarkan.

lelaki selalu bingung dengan sikap wanita. Dy bilang sesuatu tapi artinya lain. Petunjuk terbaiknya bisa dilihat dari bahasa tubuhnya, jika menghindar atau tak nyaman disentuh olehmu, itu menunjukkan lack of interesting.

melihat tanda ini bisa membantumu menyusun strategi untuk mendapatkan hatinya, jangan sampai melewatkan kesempatan. hal ini menunjukkan kamu bisa menelusuri dirinya lebih dalam. (maksude??? ak salah ngartikan be’e)

biasanya wanita tertarik jika lelaki menghubunginya melalui telephone. (ini yg perlu digaris bawahi) jika laki itu tidak tertarik pada wanita itu, biarkan wanita itu tau. jangan kasar, tapi jelas. sebaliknya, kalo km tertarik langsung ajak date.

kalo wanita ini sudah suka kamu, dy gg berhenti2 meninggalkan voice message atau menelponmu saat dy berharap denganmu. (maka dr itu, berharap. tapi jangan berlebihan) banyak cara untuk menghandel, tanpa menampakkan ketertarikan mu terhadapnya. tapi kalo km suka ya sikaaatt on the 2nd date.

bebrapa wanita suka menampakkan kalo ia masih single di depan orang yg disukai. jika wanita yg km dating ini, biasanya mengubah rencananya sewaktu dapet call dr kamu, dan dy gg punya teman yg tertarik, dy lah orang yg bebas yg bisa kau gapai.

wanita yg menyukaimu, tidak akan mengalihkan pandangannya darimu. selalu memandangmu.

kayaknya kyk gini bahasanya.

well, beberapa emank kyk gitu, tapi ada yg gg banget.




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